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Vic and his cheap jerseys sign with jets in March, in an interview with, he talked about simple jets quarterback, he acknowledged that Smith is the team's starting. "Gino is starting quarterback of the team," he said. "Our ultimate goal is to help him become one of the best he can be the quarterback."


When he and his cheap jerseys signed in March with jets, vic has said "so far," Smith is still the jets start, though he also hopes to become a start, his ultimate task is to help make progress. Smith. "Sitting on the bench was not a pleasant things, of course, but I know jets sign for what I am." Vick said. "I know what needs to be done to I came to New York with cheap football jerseys, my priority is and gino's competition, he still has a long way to go, we agreed that we will push each other through communication, make each other better."


Although he made the comments, but many insiders predict vick was appointed as the starting just sooner or later.


Jets offensive coordinator Marty last week - MoXinWei did not specify who is starting quarterback, but he said the cheap jerseys team organized training at the start of the offseason Smith will be more involved in team kick-off. Smith has 21 times the ball was stolen last season, but shows signs of continuous improvement, he helped the team win the last two games, jets eventually record of eight.


Smith has said he is confident of his last month will continue to be the team's starting, although jets coach rex - Ryan offseason had earlier said that the signing of vic is to "promote" the quarterback, grade 2.


Vic next month will be 34 years old, he was working in the Philadelphia eagles and MoXinWei 4 years with his cheap jerseys, very familiar with his offense, this is the veteran with Smith's advantage in the competition.